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Bullying Prevention
20 percent of high school students report being bullied at school. 70 percent report seeing frequent bullying online.  Victims of bullying endure degradation, isolation, hatred and public humiliation.  Bullying has devastating impacts, including avoidance of school, poor school performance, mental and physical stress, negative self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and in some cases, school violence and suicide.
Isaiah Gatimu was subjected to racial bullying at his high school in Minnesota.  He was called racist names, blocked from the water fountain because it was “for whites only,” told to go back to Africa, and physically abused.  He made repeated complaints, but the bullying continued and he dropped out of school.  Finally, depressed and hopeless, Isaiah took his own life.  He was only 19.
Imagine Farm will sensitize students to the impacts of bullying and mobilize them to action. We will inspire students to stand up against bullying, befriend those being bullied, report bullying, and participate in anti-bullying groups in their own communities.
Respecting the Elderly
Too many seniors feel pushed aside, forgotten and devalued.  In addition, many live with physical ailments making it difficult for them to perform daily tasks.  
Isolation and loneliness can detrimentally impact a person's mental and physical health.
Nearly half of senior citizens report feeling lonely on a regular basis.  Seniors who identify as feeling lonely see a 45 percent increase in their risk of death and a 59 percent greater risk of mental and physical decline. 
Imagine Farm will sensitize students to issues facing the elderly and mobilize them to action.  Students will be encouraged to join organizations like Adopt-A-Grandparent, visit area nursing homes, or start a block club to visit and assist elderly neighbors.  
And seniors aren't the only beneficiaries of these relationships: students will gain a wealth of knowledge from interactions with elders who share their wisdom borne of a lifetime of varied experiences.
Embracing our Differences
People come in a variety of sizes, races, abilities, ages, genders and sexual orientations/identities. 
Intolerance, prejudice, and a lack of understanding toward those who are percieved as different causes emotional harm, lack of opportunity, and isolation. 
Imagine Farm will sensitize students about these issues and mobilize them to work toward acceptance of our differences and the inclusion of all.