Inspiring Compassion for Animals, People and the Planet

Get Invovled with Imagine Farm!

Giving Money isn't the only way to contribute to Imagine Farm. We need all sorts of things and people to help. As a new organization we are putting together a few teams of people based on their skill and interests for various projects including but not limited to:
Fundraisers: grant writers, people willing to host or organize fundraising events, etc.
Administrators: Consisting of those with clerical and other office skills.
Facilities & Maintenance Team (contractors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, snow removal and others with facilities and maintenance talents)
Resources Team people willing to find items needed by Imagine Farm, from snow blowers to coffee makers
Animal Care Team (veterinarians, veterinary technicians, groomers, farriers and others with animal care experience)
Conservation Team (naturalists and others who have expertise in reforming natural ecosystems such as prairie-scapes, natural landscaping, re-claiming habitat for bees, bats and butterflies)
Outreach Team consisting of people willing to go out into the community to share the message of Imagine Farm, via the Imagine Farm food truck, ambassador animals, etc.
Education Team those with an education background who are willing to help select and present curriculum and related issues.