Inspiring Compassion for Animals, People and the Planet

Imagine Farm's curriculum will focus on:
Students will learn how to ask questions, investigate issues and make informed decisions. The more students recognize their essential inter-connectedness with the planet and those living on it, the more they understand how their actions can make a difference in their own lives and in the world. This motivates them to engage in action and leadership for the greater good.    
The more students realize that we all differ in how we perceive the world and the more they engage with other people and animals, the more they develop compassion, empathy, and understanding. This builds empowerment for individuals to stand up for what they believe in and take steps to prevent the mistreatment of human beings, animals and the environment.
When students learn about their own worldviews and principles, they will be better able to make choices based on their own values and goals, thus enhancing a sense of integrity and well-being. Students learn to identify what they care about and how to act according to their principles.

Understanding Ourselves

Understanding Others

Finding our Place in the World


Day Camp:  
Imagine Farm's One Day Camp will be filled with activities designed to make as much impact as possible. This program will include classroom learning, role playing, empathy building excercises, interactive experiences, and bonding with animals.
2 Day Camp:  
This program will offer all of the activities from our day camp, plus the opportunity to explore more deeply into several areas, including animal ethics and green technologies.
5 Day Camp:  
The 5 day program will be the definitive immersion experience. It will include all the above activities plus: groups of students will be given the responsibility to care for individual animals, spend a night under the stars, design and race a model solar powered car, and plan and implement a sustainable farming project.

Learning Stations

Animal Compassion
In the Animal Center, students will get a chance to spend supervised time with animals in a setting designed to put everyone at ease. Lounge in a chair and let the goats walk right up to you. Curl up with a pig on the couch or play hide and seek with the donkeys. This special area will be the centerpoint for building human/animal bonding. 
A Different Point of View 
Youth will learn what they can do individually and together, to welcome and include all people as members of their various communities. Students will get a chance to see how different people respond to challenges and how they cope in various situations. Some examples of these activities include:
  •  wheel chair challenges
  •  empathy building exercises
  •  a climbing wall 
  •  an obstacle course
Energy in the World
The Energy Center will be a learning facility where students will not only learn about green energy and its benefits over fossil fuels, but also a place for hands-on experiences. Envision a solar station, hydrostation and wind-power station where students can see these technologies in action and experiment with building their own projects. 

Imagine Farm will utilize award winning curriculum, including material from these sources: