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Isaiah Gatimu was subjected to racial bullying at his high school in northern Minnesota.  On a regular basis, he was called racist names, blocked from the water fountain because it was “for whites only”, told to go back to Africa, and was physically abused.  Although he made repeated complaints, thebullying continued.  After the threats wouldn’t stop, he dropped out of school.  Finally, depressed and hopeless, Isaiah took his own life.  He was only 19.
Statistics show that 160,000 American children miss school every year due to bullying. 
Bullying has devastating impacts on the victims, including avoidance of school, poor school performance, mental and physical stress, negative self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and in some cases, school violence and suicide.  With empathy and understanding, we can create a climate where bullying ends.
Source:  Paula F. Goldberg, executive director of PACER, a national parent center located in Minnesota.

Through award-winning curriculum, interactive discussions and role-playing, we hope to not only inspire empathy, but to sensitize and mobilize:  sensitize students to the serious impacts of bullying and mobilize them to action: by standing up against it, starting anti-bullying groups at their schools, or joining organizations that work against bullying.